11 Ways Commercial Cleaning Services Can Help Your Business Grow

We all want to see our businesses grow. That’s basically the core purpose of having a business - to make it grow. Besides a great product and outstanding customer service, what else can you do to help your business grow? Cleaning can be a great way to boost your business revenue and credibility and attract more customers. Professional commercial cleaning services by CLEANA can be a great influence on your employees and customers.

Most businesses take cleaning as something that just needs to be done and should not be given a lot of thought, but that’s where they are wrong. Cleaning is as important a part of a business as anything else. When done right, it can even help your business grow by improving the performance and productivity of your workers and helping you get and retain more of your customers. In this article, we talk about the different ways professional commercial cleaning services of Clean Group can help a business grow.

What are commercial cleaning services and why do you need them?

Commercial cleaning services are cleaning and janitorial services provided by a professional cleaner or company. These are generally used as a cost-effective alternative to in-house cleaners for commercial premises such as offices, schools, retail, hospitals, etc.

There are many benefits of outsourcing a commercial cleaner other than it being less expensive than hiring a full-time cleaning team. These professionals generally have a lot of experience in commercial property cleaning, so you can expect them to do a fairly good job and meet your expectations. Moreover, the cleaners are verified, insured and police-checked, so you can be assured of the safety of your property and people.

Professional office cleaning requires specialised training and extensive experience and can take considerable time, which you as a business owner or manager may not have. A trained cleaner can do a better job in less time and at a low cost. Hiring one is the best option for you.

Can commercial cleaning services help your business grow?

Many office owners have noted that cleaning services by professional cleaners have had a positive impact not only on their office environments but also on the employees’ productivity and the impression on office visitors. This may not always be the case with in-house office cleaners. Here are 11 ways professional commercial cleaning can help your business.

1. A Happy & Productive Workforce

A happy and productive team is the key to growing a business. If your employees are not happy, healthy or productive, you cannot expect them to give their 100% performance to the company, which will have an impact on your business and revenue. Cleaning is known to help boost productivity in the workplace by maintaining a fresh environment that people love and inspire by.

A clean and tidy office will allow for better concentration among workers, reduce search time, decrease stress levels, and improve motivation.

2. Great Impression on Office Visitors

Many people visit an office or commercial building throughout the day. Irrespective of who they are or their purpose of visiting, you want to make sure to leave a great impression on all your office visitors. Even if someone is visiting your office just for a routine thing like delivering mail, they can talk about their experience to an outsider, which means having a crisp-clean workplace and a fresh environment will ensure every single visitor in your office leaves with a positive image of your business. Furthermore, a great first impression might also positively motivate your office visitors to do business with you, whether it’s a potential client, partner or investor.

3. Build Customer Trust (More Returning Customers)

Customers love it when their favourite companies/brands go the extra mile to make sure that their premises are clean and well-maintained for the safety of their customers. It shows that you really care about your customers. Not only will it help build trust but also likely motivate your customers to buy from you again. On the other hand, a dirty or poorly maintained commercial facility can only discourage people from using its services. No one would want to visit a badly managed restaurant twice or buy again from a grocery store that is always unclean. There are all kinds of things to worry about, including hygiene, when doing business in an unclean commercial space.

4. Make New Customers

Besides wanting to keep your existing customers coming back, you would also need to get more new customers when looking to grow your business. Cleaning services can help with that as well. By keeping your premises clean, fresh and hygienic at all times, cleaning services can promote your business and inspire positive word of mouth about your work and company, encouraging more people to buy from you or use your services. It may help if your customer testimonials talk about how your facility is always clean and remarkably maintained.

5. Build Valuable Partnerships

If you are looking for a way to convert more of your potential investors and/or partners, cleaning can have a positive influence. A potential client or partner visiting your office can either have a great first impression of a spotless and well-maintained business space or can form a bad opinion about your company where the floors are dirty and dust on the furniture. The choice is yours.

While your in-house cleaners can handle the cleaning, they might not be able to pay attention to detail, which is why you need professional cleaning services to help keep your offices in top-notch condition at all times.

6. Edge Over Competitors

Hiring commercial cleaning services can help you get an edge over the competition. Here’s how. Just like you compare your business with that of your competitors in terms of your products, quality, services, features, user experience, etc., you can also consider cleaning as a factor that can help you beat the competition by offering a cleaner and better-managed business environment to your customers. You should aspire to outdo your competitors in every term, including the level of cleanliness in your respective office premises.

7. Improve Business Reputation

Professional cleaning of your business space is one of the best ways to build and improve a strong reputation for your company in the market. Not only will a spotless office facility help you make a great impression on your site visitors and spread positive word of mouth but it might also bring appreciation for cleanliness in terms of positive feedback and testimonials from your customers, which you can proudly display for your customers to see or promote to attract new customers and more popularity for your company.

8. More Revenue for the Company

Our commercial cleaning services can help your business generate more revenue and sales. As our professionals keep your commercial site clean and sparkling at all times, you can be assured of making a great impression on all your office visitors, including your customers, investors and partners. Our cleaning services will help your customers feel more confident about their safety when visiting your premises and they will love the fresh and healthy environment of your place, which might even motivate them to spend more or come again to shop from you.

Also, professional cleaning services can help you save money in many ways. No need to pay a monthly salary to cleaners, save on expensive cleaning tools, and fewer employees take leaves due to sickness.

Reduced Sick Days

As mentioned above, a professionally cleaned and hygienic workplace is the best suitable for your staff. Poor hygiene in workplaces is often touted as the primary reason for a high number of employees falling sick and taking off days. Proper and routine cleaning by our skilled cleaners will ensure your offices are free of germs and bacteria and safe for your staff. We only use eco-friendly cleaning products that are safe for everyone. If your office space is healthy, there will be fewer chances of employees falling sick, which means fewer off days and increased business revenue.

Reduction in Office Injuries

Untrained cleaners can be sloppy and make mistakes such as leaving floors wet and not using sign boards when cleaning, which may lead to accidents in the workplace. Professional cleaning services will reduce the probability of workplace injuries, saving you and your business from frequent injury and compensation claims.

Some cleaning chemicals can be harsh to people and pets and need to be handled very carefully. Though we never use such toxic cleaning chemicals, our cleaners are fully trained to handle and efficiently use all types of cleaning products. Moreover, they are trained in the use of modern and heavy-duty cleaning equipment and machines with complete safety.

Save Time (& Money)

As they say, time is money. Hiring professionals for office cleaning will allow you to have more time to give to your business. Cleaning can be time-consuming work, especially when you have no prior experience or the right tools. Professional cleaners, on the other hand, have both the necessary experience and top-quality resources to produce efficient cleaning results in less time. And since it saves you time, you can spend more time doing whatever it is that you do to grow your business and generate more revenue.

There are many other reasons to hire a professional cleaner over hiring a full-time in-house cleaning team. Professionals bring their own modern cleaning equipment and machines that will be otherwise difficult or costly to buy/rent and can help you save considerably on the cost of equipment alone. By hiring cleaners from a reputable company like Clean Group, you’ll know that the cleaners you are letting inside of your office are verified and police-checked, so you are saved from instances such as theft and burglary. Moreover, the company offers full insurance for its cleaners and cleaning services, so any accidents or damages to your property during cleaning will be covered by the cleaning company.

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